Feature film, 2022
dir.: David Lanka, Martin Muller
film editor: Lenka Gmitrova


TV series, 2023
dir.: David Lanka, Martin Muller
film editor: Lenka Gmitrova


Doc-series, 2021
dir.: Jerome Isaac
film editor: Lenka Gmitrova, the UK team

Jackpot symphony

Short film, 2020
dir.: Martin Marko, Lenka Gmitrova
film editor: L. Gmitrova, M. Marko

The plot of the film is the story of 25-year-old Tereza (Kamila Janovičová), who, after breaking up with a friend (Marek Němec), returns home to her mother (Veronika Žilková) and her brother Michal (Štěpán Kozub), a ten-year-old boy captured in an adult body, without knowing that this return will change her life forever.

The comedy series of the new progressive fiction genre says that even gangsters can be fun. Each part carries a complete story. Individual stories are told with disarmingly incorrect exaggeration, they take the best of what has been created in the genre of crime and gangster films, and work with interesting pop culture references.

What does it take to jump into the freezing water to save a life?

This is the second episode in Ford’s new doc-series ‘Lifesavers’ about Europe’s emergency services heroes. Stay tuned for more episodes.

A pianist struggles to get his daughter a present on a Christmas Eve until he is approached by a mysterious wealthy man.

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