Feature film, 2022
dir.: David Lanka, Martin Muller
film editor: Lenka Gmitrova

The plot of the film is the story of 25-year-old Tereza (Kamila Janovičová), who, after breaking up with a friend (Marek Němec), returns home to her mother (Veronika Žilková) and her brother Michal (Štěpán Kozub), a ten-year-old boy captured in an adult body, without knowing that this return will change her life forever.


Doc-series, 2021
dir.: Jerome Isaac
film editor: Lenka Gmitrova, the UK team

What does it take to jump into the freezing water to save a life?

This is the second episode in Ford’s new doc-series ‘Lifesavers’ about Europe’s emergency services heroes. Stay tuned for more episodes.

Jackpot Symphony

Short film, 2020
dir.: Martin Marko, Lenka Gmitrova
film editor: Lenka Gmitrova, Martin Marko

A pianist struggles to get his daughter a present on a Christmas Eve until he is approached by a mysterious wealthy man.